Product Summary

20/20 SeedSense

Know your planter, see your potential

SeedSense is the backbone of the system that provides real-time planter information at a glance. The color-coded, touchscreen notifies you of any issues that arise during planting - green means good, yellow means caution, and red means stop and fix whatever the issue is.  With SeedSense you can precisely monitor singulation, spacing, and down force allowing you to maximize your planter's performance and increase your profits. 

FieldView & FieldView Plus

Your field, in high definition, at your fingertips

FieldView works with SeedSense to capture and store all of your data and build accurate, high-resolution maps on any iPad tablet. With FieldView Plus, you have access to all your information, anytime, everywhere. This wireless cloud-based system puts your data at your fingertips. Share remotely, scout in the field, check in with field notes - and most importantly, have all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your farm. 


Simplicity at its finest

Choose higher accuracy, more flexibility and longer life. vSet vacuum meters require no mechanical or vacuum adjustments and can handle any variety of seed - just pour and go. Achieve around 99.8% singulation with no effort and see the corresponding hike in yield. 


Every Seed, Every Time

eSet meters were designed with simplicity in mind. No more making finicky tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings to accommodate the variable seed shapes and sizes. Just set your vac pressure a little higher, pour in the seed and go. The floating singulator eliminates any doubles and the extractor releases the seed, down the center of the seed tube, every time. 

Precision Meter

Improved Stand = Improved Yields

Traditionally finger meters had a difficult time with singulation, especially when attempting to plant a variety of seeds. With redesigned components, such as the Precison Fingers, PopMax backing plate, Adjustible Brush and SureFire Seed Belt, the Precision Meters are engineered to grab and hold one seed at a time and release it correctly, resulting in better singulation. With fewer skips and doubles you will achieve a better stand and higher yields. 

vSet Select

Double the hybrid, no compromise

You no longer have to compromise when choosing the best hybrid for your fields. with vSet Select, you can pick the right hybrid for the right spot in your field; backed by industry leading vSet and vDrive technology, it automatically switches so the right seed goes in the right spot. 


Downforce controlled automatically

Too much weight on the row units leads to compacted roots and too little leads to shallow seeds and poor root growth. Both result in uneven emergence and a reduction in yield. Maximize your yields by allowing AirForce to automatically increase or decrease the weight on the row units to match changing field conditions and ensure proper planting depth.


Independent row contorl

DeltaForce automatically controls weight on each individual row, creating the perfect seed environment for proper root development. With DeltaForce you can avoid root compaction and achieve higher yields. With an average of 11+ bushels* per acre advantage over fixed management, you can see why taking control pays off. 

*Results taken from a Third-Party, 5-Year Study


Plant 2x Faster

Make the most of your planting window and maximize productivity with SpeedTube, the seed tube with speed. The flighted belt takes gravity out of the equation and allows you to go double the speed while maintaining picket-fence stand perfection. SpeedTube allows you to cover twice the ground without jeopardizing singulation and spacing. 


Discriminate against dust

Optical sensors don't know the difference between dust and seeds. WaveVision does, so you get accurate data to improve planting and yield. Eliminate the errors of optical sensors, and get the population you want. 

BullsEye Seed Tube

Solid seed placement, easily

With BullsEye, you get the most direct path to the seed trench with a smooth interior and recessed sensor eye to eliminate any interference for the seed. You'll get better spacing, longer seed tube life with the tungsten carbide tips - all easily and quickly.


No chains required

The maintenance parts or the planter are gone. No more lubing chains, sprockets, and drives, and no more worrying about hydraulics. You can clean up your planter with a drive on every row. Conventional drive systems plant too many seeds on inside of a curve and too few on the outside. vDrive maintains the prescribed population on each row at every spot around the curve, so your yield potential stays high.


Get your variable rate prescriptions right

With RowFlow, growers can precisely execute variable rate prescriptions, avoid overpopulation and minimize                                                            inputs, and even add liquid fertilizer control. It gets the right seedling rate in the right place, so you can lower                                                            costs while raising yields. 


Clean from the cab

The air cylinder let you set and adjust your row cleaners' down pressure from the cab on the go, so you can continuously adjust to changing field conditions. See more uniform germination and higher plant counts. No more climbing out of the cab to manually adjust each row cleaner; simply adjust from the comfort of your cab. 


Be firm with your seeds

Consistent depth control is the most important job your planter does. The Keeton firms seeds to the bottom of the seed trench. It's that simple for optimum seed-to-soil contact. 


Simple and accurate harvest data

Precision Planting goes beyond that planter and has products for combines as well. With YieldSense, you can make better decisions with more accurate yield data that you can trust, wirelessly with FieldView Plus. Multiple machine syncing harvest data as you're in the field just makes sense. Furthermore, the RemoteView feature means you can see your combines no matter where you are. 

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